What Is The Difference Between A Landscape Designer, A Landscape Gardener And A Gardener?

landscape gardening

Are you interested in having a stunning outdoor space but not sure about the professional help needed to achieve that? Whose services are you going to need?

A landscaper designer, landscaper, or a gardener? One common mistake people make is thinking that all of the same, but this is not the case.

The professional you are going to need largely depends on what skills you need to create the garden you want.

What is the difference between gardeners, landscape gardeners, and landscape designers?

Below is a great guide that is going to help you know the different professionals when it comes to gardening.

The Gardener

A Gardeners is responsible for looking after the lawns, plants, beds, and borders for both commercial and commercial settings.
There are some things that a gardener regularly does in their day to day work. They usually dig, plant, weed, mow the lawn, trim hedges, and other garden maintenance tasks.

It is best to hire a gardener when you have established your space, and you need someone who is going to do a little maintenance and tidy up. An experienced gardener can advise you on which plants will work best for your garden and help you achieve the desired results.

The Landscape Gardener

There are times when you have a specific vision of your garden that involves more than just plants.

Your vision can include structural elements, such as having a perfect path, laying a stunning driveway, decking, patio, ponds, and many more. If this is the case, then you are going to need the services a landscape gardener.

As landscape gardening is designing an area of land from scratch then the Landscape gardeners tend to work more on the heavy-duty end of gardening, hard landscape and creating structures that transform the garden or define specific areas of the space.

The landscape gardener is going to talk to you about the results you expect and then help in designing the garden by choosing the right landscaping materials. Landscape gardeners do their best to make sure their clients get the results they want.

Once you have agreed on the design of the garden, the landscape gardener will start bringing the plans to action. They will choose landscaping materials and products that will help transform the garden to what you want.

With the right team, you will end up with a healthy garden both above and below the surface. They know the right products to use when preparing the ground or irrigating the garden.

Landscape gardeners also help when it comes to establishing effective weed control, treating lawns, and nourishing the soil.

The Landscape Designer

A landscape designer comes between the landscape gardener and a gardener.

The main work of a landscaper is creating plans and designs for outdoor spaces, whether it is a private garden or a commercial or public setting. The one at the top of this industry is a Landscape Designer/Architect, who has a degree-level education in this field.

They have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to ecosystems, plants, and outdoor spaces. They are the ones planning and specifying the design and location of walkways, buildings, playgrounds, and other features.

The landscaper can also be the project manager of the entire project from hiring gardeners and landscaper gardeners, to specifying landscaping products and materials needed to bring the client’s vision to life.