2018. Coquille Working Landscapes.

Background and History

The Beaver Slough Drainage District (BSDD) in partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), the China Camp Gun Club (CCGC) and district landowners, is restoring fish access into and habitats on more 400 acres of freshwater tidal floodplain and 7 miles of drainage canals, including China Camp Creek, along the Coquille River near Coquille, Coos County, Oregon. Fish access to an additional 1,300 acres of off-channel habitat will be improved during the critical winter months for coho salmon juveniles. The project is located within the freshwater tidally influenced floodplain of the Coquille River, near River miles (RM) 21-23 (Figures 1 and 2). The entire project is within the Beaver Slough Drainage District and is currently diked and drained to facilitate agricultural uses. The project area includes Units 1-3 of the Drainage District as well as Garden Valley (Figure 2).