Winter Lake Restoration Project


The Winter Lake Restoration Project will restore wetland function and tidal flow on two parcels of land, totaling 420 acres managed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the China Creek Gun Club. The Winter Lake Restoration Projects goal is to improve overwintering habitat for threatened coho salmon.


Both projects are collaborative efforts among the China Creek Gun Club, Beaver Slough Drainage District, The Nature Conservancy, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, local landowners and partner organizations.


Restoration of ecosystem function and developing infrastructure that meets fish passage criteria are key elements for success.


The Coquille Basin was once a prime area for salmon breeding, rearing and fishing, but todays salmon runs are a mere fraction of historic highs. Tidal wetlands, critical to the survival of salmon and birds, once covered most of the Coquille Valley. Today, only 5 percent of the historic wetlands in the Coquille estuary remain.


Oregons rich natural resources, including the Coquille River Basin, have long supported our livelihood and community. A healthy working landscape helps strengthen the local community by creating jobs in Coos County, improving farming and ranching, improves water quality and restoring a thriving environment for fish and birds.


The partners have been working with community members since 2008 to find common ground and collaborate on projects that will restore ecosystem function and make our land more prosperous for agriculture.


Files available to Download:

Winter Lake 30% Design Review Meeting Presentation

Winter Lake 30% Design

Winter Lake 60% Design

Winter Lake 90% Design Plans 2.16.2015


Winter-Lake-90%--Design-Review-Meeting Presentation.pdf

Winter-Lake-100% Design Plans_2015-10-08.pdf