Project Benefits


  • Opportunity to upgrade landowner infrastructure
  • Landowners will have improved control options
  • Landowners will have improved and more timely drainage
  • Less maintenance on landowner culverts and ditch systems
  • Improved water quality
cattle grazing

Cattle grazing. Photo credit: Wikipedia.  


Natural Resources

  • Restore historic connection of wetlands to the Coquille River to improve access for threatened juvenile coho salmon
  • Improve water quality, dissolved oxygen and temperature
  • Increase tidal flow and available habitat on private/state-owned lands during winter time period
  • Increase habitat complexity by placing over 100 pieces of large wood on restored state-owned lands
  • Control invasive species on the property
juvenile coho salmon

Juvenile coho salmon. Photo credit: NOAA.  

Drainage District

  • Reduces infrastructure maintenance expenses, dredging requirements, and improves water quality
  • Improves the ability to manage water levels to meet landowners management objectives
  • Extends time horizon and life of infrastructure lowering future capital investment
  • Allows District to better meet fish passage criteria
  • New structure will facilitate equalization of water levels and fish access during winter storm events
winter lakes drainage

Coquille Valley. Photo credit: OWEB.